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The Company

Argus Fluidtecnik is a part of the Alfagomma Group dedicated to providing high-quality hydraulic components.

Since 1936 the name Argus has stood for quality, safety, and technical competence. Many years of experience and constant efforts to optimise our products enable us to quickly and flexibly respond to customers' needs. The products are manufactured in our Italian plants.

As a member of the international acting Hiflex-Group, Argus can count on big resources. This enables us to maintain our competitive position in the market. Our motto is: our know-how is the key of your success.

Our History

Our history dates back to 1936 when we started manufacturing hydraulic hoses and fittings. We have grown considerably in experience and technical expertise in these years with some important milestones shaping our company.


Start of the business with the production of hydraulic hoses and fittings

Argus GmbH

The Argus GmbH was founded in Ettlingen

BTR-Fluidhandling Integration

Argus GmbH has been integrated in BTR-Fluidhandling Group

Two Divisions

Argus is divided into 2 divisions. The "Anlagentechnik" continues under the Argus GmbH. The "Hydraulikleitung" under the new Argus Fluidtechnik GmbH.

Move to Ettlingen

Argus Fluidtechnik GmbH moved to the new location and factory in Ettlingen


Argus Fluidtechnik GmbH has been integrated in Unipoly

Hiflex Limited

Argus Fluidtechnik GmbH has been integrated in Hiflex Limited

Alfagomma Group

Argus has been integrated in Alfagomma group

The Alfagomma group

A global leader in Hydraulic and Industrial fluid handling systems.

Quality-Driven Business since 1956 with strong OEM expertise, providing customized solutions.

Alfagomma designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of hydraulic and industrial top quality products all over the world: Hydraulic and Industrial Hose, Manipulated Tubes, Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose, Assemblies, Fittings and Adapters, Quick Release and Multi-K Couplings, Swivel & Plug-in Connectors, Hose Guards.

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