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We offer a wide range of hydraulic and industrial fluid handling solutions for numerous markets and applications.


Quick Release and Multi-K Couplings

For quick coupling and uncoupling of hydraulic lines. Argus Fluidtechnik series of quick disconnect couplings are compliant to international standards ISO 7241-1 A & B, ISO 5675 and ISO 16028. Available in poppet, flat face and screw type. The standardised design guarantees the complete interchangeability with corresponding couplings currently in use.

Argus Multi-K is a multi-coupling system designed to handle hydraulic, electric and pneumatic connection resulting from a close co-engineering work with OEM customers. The number of lines and possible electric or pneumatic connections can be defined according to the application. Connecting and disconnecting are carried out by means of a camleverage group with guiding pins, and a safety device is always present.

All metal parts feature Alfagomma Top Coat (ATC), an innovative surface treatment.

Hydraulic Hose

Hose and fittings

Full assortment of hydraulic and industrial hose for use in a wide range of applications. Available with textile braid, wire braid or wire spiral reinforcement. Rigorously tested to guarantee high performances. Low-pressure to high-pressure hydraulic hoses compliant or exceeding international standards. Industrial PVC, mandrel rubber and composite hoses.

Complete range hydraulic and industrial fittings and adapters. Available in standard, multistandard, multispiral and interlock versions. One-piece and two-piece solutions.

Hose Assemblies

Hose Assemblies

Safe, reliable and durable fluid handling integrated system. Large choice of type of hose, fittings, adapters to choose from. Suitable for a wide range of applications. Hoses assemblies made according to the clients’ specifications and needs.

Carefully developed and field-tested to exceed extreme applications and international norms. 100% traceability for every single component ensuring maximum reliability and historical data integrity.

Steel Tubes

Manipulated Steel Tubes

Alfagomma manipulated tubes deliver an integrated “port to port” hydraulic system built according to customers’ specifications. Fully integrated with ALFAGOMMA flexible hose, fittings and quick couplings range.

Available with diameters from 4 to 200 mm - 3/16” up to 8” with end forming JIC, ORFS, DIN 24°. Materials: carbon and stainless steel. High production accuracy granted by 3D Geometry measurement technology. High cleanliness level (up to NAS 5, ISO4406 16/14/11 or better). Low pressure and high-pressure testing.

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